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Daily Walks Wait List

Wowza are we busy!

It excites us and moves us to know how sought after our Daily Walks have become. But because Daily Walks are a one-woman job, there's only so many pups our wonder woman Britt can physically and emotionally handle at one time. And trust us, she would take on every dog in the city of Sammamish if we didn’t tell her that she probably shouldn’t.

So while It’s hard to say “No”and we think it’s fantastic that we have grown so much to require a wait list, as of Monday, 4/11/2022 Daily Walks will be on an indefinite wait list.

If you are new here and are hoping to register, please follow the steps to start a new account and we will place you in our queue for contact.

All other services are currently still booking as per normal.

As usual, feel free to reach out at any time for questions or concerns!

Thank you all.

~SPA Pack

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