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Information we need

To ensure everyone is healthy, happy, and appropriately taken care of for dog walking, pet sitting, or midday visits; please see our inital questions we will ask below  (We love information!  The more the better!)

1.) Pet's Name

2.) Age and Date of Birth

3.) Vet Information (please include name of clinic, preferred vet's name, and phone number - as well as your  preferred emergency clinic).

4.) Are they microchipped?

5.) Is your pet spayed or neutered?

6.) What training does your pet have?

7.) What type of collar and/or harness do you use for walks?

8.) What food do they get - brand, frequency, amount?

9.)How does your pet interact with;




10.) Is your pet crate trained? If no, what is the reason, and what do you do with them when you leave home?

11.) Does your pet suffer from separation anxiety?  If yes, what is the severity?

12.) Proof of vaccinations, flea/tick treatment, and negative fecal within the last six months emailed to or uploaded to your Time to Pet Portal.

13.) What allergies does your pet have?

14.) Any additional information that may be helpful

We look forward to hearing from you!

We use a software system called "Time to Pet".  This allows us to easily track schedules, pet and veterinarian information and communicate one on one with clients as well as receive payment.

For more information see our blog post here.  The icon below will allow new clients to set up a portal for them and their pets!





Tel. (425) 243-3759

Serving Redmond, WA and nearby areas

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