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Does your pet have energy to burn? Sign up for daily walks and structured socializing.


$40/day includes pick up and drop off, daily updates, and a nice, long walk that is 2-7 miles depending on your dog's activity level.

Walks / Socializing


Dog walking, Overnight pet sitting, Midday visits

Do you have a pet that needs stimulation during the day, but they can't walk far? Midday visits might be for you!


$25/day include a potty break, snuggles, playtime, a snack, daily updates, and maybe a short walk around the block.

midday visits


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​​​Adventures are always fun! Our adventures are usually hikes in the area, or weather permitting, we may go to the mountains.  Britt has a GPS tracker to ensure you know where your fur friend is and we never adventure without permission!

$50/Adventure Day


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Got a trip planned and stressing about your pet care? Look no further! 

$55/night includes  attention, love, and snuggles. Daily Walks & Adventures upon request, daily updates, and a minimally interrupted routine.  

Waggling tails all around!


*Only $25 extra for each additional pet per night! 

* Daily Walks are not included in Overnight stays.  If you'd like to have your dog go on Daily Walks during their stay, this will have to be scheduled in advance and prices will change.

See our FAQ for more information.



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