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Everyone has questions. Here are some more popular ones we receive. 


General Questions


Do you sit in my home or yours?

We are licensed to sit in your home or in ours.  If we are booked full, we will help find an option for you.

Is my dog left alone in your care?

The short answer is YES.  But it is NEVER for more than 4 hours and NEVER overnight.  Since walks are a service we provide during the day time, unless you additionally have requested and paid for walks during your pups stay with us, your pet will be left alone while we are out walking mid-day.  We provide clean crates, with beds, fresh water, and a camera 24/7 to monitor while we are out.  This is why we require your pets to be crate trained or ask that they do not suffer from separation anxiety.

What are your rates?

Our rates vary by service. Pack walks are $40/day. Midday visits are $25/day. Adventure Hikes are $50/day. Overnight stays start at $55/night with $25/additional pet. Please see our services page for more information.

Do You Have a Cancellation Policy?

Yes, in our service agreement you will sign prior to your first visit it states as follows : 

Client may cancel this contract with written notice via certified mail or email. Client agrees to provide a minimum cancellation notice of 24 hours for walks and 48 hours for overnights prior to scheduled services. If a cancellation occurs with less than 24 (or 48 depending on service cancelled) hours the fees vary by service provided and are as follows:


Walks : Full $40 Payment Required,


Midday Visit : Full $25 Payment Required,


Overnights : If a visit was planned for 7 days or more, 50% of payment will still be required. If a visit was planned for less than 7 days 25% of payment will still be required. Walker may cancel this contract in the same manner as Client.


If Walker cancels a service inside the 24 hour window, Walker shall forfeit the entire fee for that service. In case of some cancellations that cannot be avoided, the Client is advised to reach out to the Walker and both parties will talk through each on a case by case basis.


Where do you take my dog while walking?

We go all over the Eastside.  Most of the time, we walk on our property here in Redmond, WA (2 acres for the pups to roam!). 


Where do you take my dog while hiking?

Everywhere we can! Our hiking adventures are almost always planned in advance since we ask permission before going (since we are usually out for a lot longer than a normal walking day) and ensure that clients always know where their pets are adventuring. A lot of our adventures are in the Snoqualmie Pass/North Bend hiking trails. Some of our favorites are Annette Lake, Little Si, Mount Catherine, and, who am I kidding, we love them all! Check out our gallery for pictures.


What if I just want you to hike with my dog?

Awesome! We can make that work. Just reach out to us and we can plan it out.

Do you take my dog on Daily Walks when staying for Overnights?

No.  Unless you additionally have requested and scheduled ahead for Daily Walks during your pups' stay with us, we likely have a full schedule of walks already planned.  That's not to say your pup does not get any exercise while here, there's lots of socialization with other pups and plenty of space and time to run off spare energy!  If you'd like to schedule Daily Walks while with us, please let us know right away.  The standard rate for Daily Walks is $40/day in addition to the Overnight fee of $55/night.  So if you're requiring a Daily Walk + Overnight your new daily rate will be $95/night.


Does my dog get a bath after a hike?

In most cases, no. They will however get a thorough wipe down with a towel and waterless shampoo. I am happy to bathe them at a self-wash location or at your home if requested. All I ask is that you supply the proper shampoo and payment (if required).

Why do you charge a late arrival fee?

Because we offer shuttle service and drop in visits and have a pack, we *need* to be on time as much as possible. When one person is late, the ripple effect affects everybody, therefore making a fee for late arrival (especially without communication) a necessity. 

Why can't I drop my dog off at anytime?

We ask for set times for anything on property to keep any disruptions to our pack to a minimum. As well as ensuring we can accommodate everyone's needs and keep up with our daily tasks/walks/etc.



Does my pet need to have prior training before walking?

To an extent, yes. All dogs need to be able to walk on a leash fairly well and be able to be around other dogs while on leash. But, they don't need to be perfect. Since every dog is different, reach out and let me know if you'd like further details!

Does my pet need vaccines?

Absolutely! For the safety of your animal, our personal animals, and anyone else, we require proof of current vaccinations, flea/tick treatment, and fecal. Please see our get started page pertaining to all the info we need on your pet before being able to spoil them.

What are your requirements?

We have a list of information that we ask everyone on our Get Started page. While it seems like a lot of questions, it's so we can ensure top notch quality. Some of the things we ask are standard; such as your pet's name, age, birthday, vet records and information. Some questions are behavior questions (i.e.; is your pet friendly with other animals and humans). We also ask about training to ensure we follow commands your pet already knows. We highly encourage you to reach out with any other information! The more we know, the better!!


Medical Questions 


What is your first aid knowledge? Can you recognize seizure, bloat, stroke? Can you wrap wounds, perform CPR?

Our first aid knowledge is ever evolving. We are first aid and CPR certified! We are able to do minor first aid; such as taking care of minor wounds (nicks, scrapes, cuts that don't need professional medical attention), ear cleaning, and administering medication (as long as it's thoroughly explained). We always evaluate any injury to determine if extra steps are necessary and keep you in the loop every step of the way. We are familiar with seizures and heat stroke, and would be able to recognize signs. Bloat; we have first hand knowledge of recognizing the signs and symptoms and know precisely what to do.


What happens if my pet has a medical emergency with you?

If something happens that we determine needs veterinary attention, we call you and your vet right away! If your vet is capable of handling the emergency, we will take your pet there. Otherwise, we will go to the closest Emergency Vet, stay in contact with you and stay with your pet until you arrive.


Do you take pets with medical issues?

Yes, we do. As long as we are well informed by you on what the issue is and how to best care for your pet, we have no qualms caring for them!

Our Experience

Do you train?

While we are highly educated thanks to our own pups and have countless of hours of canine classes, seminars and apprenticeship training, we are not certified trainers, nor do we offer training for a fee. We will happily enforce any training your pet currently has, and may end up teaching them a fun, new trick, but for obedience training or behavioral training you would need to find someone who is certified and better able to help with that! Reach out to us and we can guide you in the right direction!  We know lots of people!


Do you have any certifications?

Yes, we are CPR & First Aid certified. And, we are always doing everything we can to expand our knowledge and be the best that we can be to ensure everyone is happy, healthy, and safe, so more certifications coming soon!


Are you licensed and insured?



How's your animal behavior observance?

It's very well honed and something we pride ourselves on. Our main concern is ensuring any animal in our care is happy, healthy, and safe. On walks and hikes, we don't greet any dog that has even questionable body language. We always introduce new pack members at their pace. Some animals (Labs, for example) who are friends with everyone, might have a shorter intro period, as opposed to a dog (could be a Lab, still!) that might be a timid or unsure, would take their time to be introduced.

Do you have references?

Yes! Please feel free to read our testimonials, reviews on Facebook, Yelp, or Google and reach out if you need more reassurance!


How long have you been doing this?

Tim worked for a reputable doggy daycare for 13 years, being a manager for roughly half that time. I worked at that same daycare for a year and a half and have been walking dogs since. Tim has also apprenticed as a dog trainer, attended multiple seminars as well as classes and worked for a boarding facility for a few years as well. Both of us have been pet sitting for friends and family as long as we can remember.  We never stop learning or finding ways to educate ourselves.  You may find us unavailable at times while we attend conferences or classes specific to our business, but we will always let you know!


Please reach out if you have any other questions!

Thanks for submitting!

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