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Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Happy 2022 SPA Pack!

We just wanted to post about an exciting new change/addition to the way we are handling our ever growing client base.

With just about a full two years under our belt, operating strictly by Excel spreadsheets, paper files, notebooks, text messages, emails, index cards and white boards (almost everything but the Rolodex), we decided it was time to expand to an actual "Pet Care" software to help ease the process of scheduling all the services we have to offer, as well as our communication process.

You'll likely notice from "Shoen's Pet Adventures", an email come through (check your spam) showing you a portal to you and your pets' information.

Within this new software is a way to update and stay updated on current or upcoming information: changes regarding vaccinations, diet, behavior, vets, addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc., can all be done within the portal!

This software will also allow you to send a request for any of our services or make changes to an existing schedule. Also, you will be able to send communication through the software as well as make payments through standard invoicing.

Obviously you are not required to use the software if you chose not to. We are happy to take your texts, phone calls or emails as we currently have been. This is just a way for us to streamline our scheduling and improve our communication between our clients and us here at SPA.

Don't worry, none of this is shared and it is all privately viewed and password protected.

The only requirement that may be new to some is we have implemented a service agreement/waiver that you'll need to read, date and sign by 2/7/2022 for continued service.

In that service agreement you will get an overview of what we do as a business, our requirements and a release form that most all pet care businesses require.

Whew, that's a lot! But we are excited! It has been a fantastic two years and we are so fortunate to be in the position to put back into the business, and this is just the beginning! We have so many fun ideas planned for this year and we hope you all will be a part of it.

Please reach out to us for any additional information you might need and feel free to checkout the software website for more in-depth insight as to what it offers you, your pets and us!

Thank you again for a fantastic 2021 and we are looking forward to an even better 2022!!

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